Career and achievements


I'm an experienced Technology Consultant, helping organisations build effective teams to deliver amazing software through insightful design, well-grounded agile practices and strong business alignment.

From August 2014 to February 2016, CTO at Tido , a company in the Edition Peters Group, building a technology platform and engineering team for enrichment and publication of music to digital platforms. Ground-breaking work on dynamic reflowable music notation, deep linking of musical assets, and a resilient, performant platform for content creation and ecommerce.

From June 2011 to August 2014, CTO at Vyclone Inc, building a revolutionary platform for co-created multi-angle social video. 

From April 2004 to May 2008 I was Head of Technology at Sibelius Software, where I introduced agile development practices and oversaw two major versions of the flagship Sibelius product, several smaller projects, and played an important part in the sale of the company to Avid Technology Inc in 2006.

Before that, I worked in several City of London financial institutions, notably Nomura (1996-7), where I headed up the infrastructure library team in the flagship HOODINI project, and UBS Investment Bank (1998-2004) where I participated and led significant architectural and infrastructural programmes and implementations, including CORBA, J2EE, SIngle Sign-On and Identity Management programmes.

Stepping further into the past, I was a consultant at Object Designers Limited (1994-5), delivering consultancy, mentoring and training in object-oriented analysis, design and programming for companies including a leading UK retail bank and a major international pharmaceuticals company. And before that, I worked in software tools development, leading teams delivering development modules and method support for workbenches produced by Softlab (1989-93) and Delta (1987-9).

Since 1994 I've been involved in the active and influential community around the Object Technology conference (this morphed via OT to today's SPA conference - Software Practice Advancement). I chaired the conference in 1998 and 1999, and have led workshops, tutorials and other sessions there and elsewhere on C++, patterns, distributed computing, agile development and other subjects. I'm currently the chair of the BCS SPA specialist group.

I've been involved in music in one way or another - as a researcher, teacher, composer and performer since 1975 - when I can I still find time to play and compose. You can find out about this other side of my life and work here.