Writings - current and archived
Lean, Agile
An article written in preparation for a session at OT 2004 which looked at the Software Value Stream. It sets the scene with a brief history of Lean Manufacturing and Agile, before looking more closely at one or two XP practices and relating them to their Lean counterparts. Read it here.
Unblocking - promoting flow in software development
Output from a session run at OT2000, the aim of which was to discover and prioritise activities, techniques and actions to promote flow in software development. Review the outputs here, or look at the presentation.
Argument Accumulator
A programming pattern presented at a JSIG Seminar, London, June 1999. Find it here .
The Role of Patterns in Enterprise Architecture
A presentation given at the Unicom seminar on Patterns for Distributed Computing, London, May 1998
Effective STL
A paper presented at Object Expo Europe 1996. Demonstrates idiomatic use of STL containers, algorithms, iterators.
A Tiny STL Primer
From material presented at the Object Technology 96 conference, Christ Church college, Oxford, England. The quickest STL quick-start ever, with a comprehensive set of links to other STL sites.
Evolutionary Delivery - the road to success in object-oriented development
Original, uncut text of an enthusiastic article that appeared in Computer Weekly in September 1995 in a savagely edited (and unattributed!) version.