You can’t do it like that!

“You can’t do it like that!”

“Why not?”

“We agreed at the beginning of the release that you would do it like this

“Ah, but doing it like this makes no sense now.”

“Look, in the meeting minutes. You agreed!”

“So? We’ve learned a lot since then…”

“But you can’t do it like that!”

Bureaucracy hates self-organisation.

(I’m pleased to say that this little exchange was inspired by a happy experience of a team deciding that they could do it like that)

2 Responses to “You can’t do it like that!”

  • Vasco Duarte responded:

    You may, just may have a problem of communication, not burocracy ;)

  • jsn responded:

    The communication is clear, its a lack of collaboration.

    Bureaucracy hates stigmergic collaboration

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