Penguins and architecture

A delicious quotation from Ian Nairn, in a letter to the Guardian this week (from Andrew Huxtable).

I find the following somehow … familiar …

Penguin pool

Modern architecture is hamstring by self-consciousness and strangled by intellectual inhibitions. It is always what people ought to want, and too often what they had better want, or else; almost never what they really want. Everything is done for people, not with them; the whole thing is sick. And meanwhile the penguins walk solemnly up and down their interlocking concrete spirals, a parody of every committee which ever decided about ‘amenity’ or ‘the people’ or ‘urban pattern’. They’re all right, Jack, but we aren’t.

This from a note on the Penguin Pool in London’s Regent’s Park Zoo: it inspired this delicious cartoon by Tom Gauld:


We couldn’t be guilty of this in software, could we?

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