Notes from Improv for Agile Coaches #acguk

The improv day for agile coaches was a blast - many thanks to all who came, and special thanks to Tom Salinsky for inspiring teaching, and Mike Sutton for helping organise the day.

I’ve already blogged about the value of improv, and the day reinforced my feelings about this. Key things in the success of improv are being in a good state and being good to work with - what could we achieve if we strove for these in all our work? Something else which struck me this time about the games we played is related to the value of games in general: by playing to the rules, we give ourselves an opportunity to play with the rules, which is something some people and organisations seem to have lost the ability to do.

Here are some notes on the games we played, which will be updated with feedback and learning points in the next few days.

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